Friday, January 9, 2009


Not living for myself anymore
Pain and hurt I endlessly endure
All I want is to be set free
From this suffering and misery
Not bound by the chains of society
But from unfinished commitments towards family

I want to climb the mountains so high
Want to roam in deserts far and wide
Want to live in the forests so dense
Want to go where the world ends
Want to swim in the oceans so vast
Want to do all this till my time lasts

But the mountains I climb are the skyscrapers
The bunch of files is my oceans and rivers
The jungle I roam is of the urban kind
The deserts I wander are in my mind
The world starts and ends in my cubicle
Hoping against odds for a miracle

To fulfill my dreams I take a vow
Not knowing when and where and how
To live for myself one day
To walk along the less traveled way
Not giving a shit to what others say
And wishing in peace my soul will lay

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Civilians of War

Mercy I beg, I have done no wrong
A right to live is all I ask
Leave me and my family out of this
Don’t involve them in your ugly task

Why the hell are you bombing me?
What is the cause you endorse?
My cause is to live in peace
Does that violate yours?

Destroying my land from out and in
Raping it for everything
Its children have become mute spectators
Paying for somebody else’s sin

If I die then you win
If I live then I lose
If I’m maimed then I rot
If intact then still of no use

Hell bent on destroying the future
Of me and my children
Will you achieve a permanent solution
If this war you will win

Take a pause and ask yourself
What is the root of this conflict
You tried to push us out of our land
And our land we won’t evict

There is no solution from war
No matter how hard you try
As I shed tears of blood
Hoping in hell you all will die…

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Forced Destiny

In a land of no opportunity
A child is born with a destiny
Destined to be a handsome young man
To do things never done by his clan
As he grows he sees injustice and exploitation
Becomes confused with all this annihilation
Wants to study but has no school
Parents and relatives label him a fool
Wants to play but with whom?
Children and siblings return after rise of moon
Wants to laugh but life makes him cry
Failed in all his desires, no matter how hard he tries
Struggles for two square meals a day
Water is his tears which he sheds away
Like this he reaches adolescence
But life still has not made amends
Only two options for him to live
Kill or die but don’t forgive
Frustrated the young man takes the gun
Hoping to correct the cruelty life has done
Violence is chosen for a cause
He did not want to be kicked around like a dog
Like this he spends all his teens
No mercy to any for what they’ve been
Delivering his own brand of justice
One day he is surrounded by police
Bullets sprayed from both the sides
Another young ************* dies
What is he and what could have been?
His life, his tribulations nobody has seen
Young man forced to become dynamite
The world labels him *************

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Pseudo people puking crap
Acting like they are smart and suave
Hissing out sweet venom
Intentions that are demon
Hiding an agenda secret
Smiling but in heart wicked
Waiting to pounce on you
For everything you do
No guilt, no remorse
For the dirty cause they endorse
Talking lies blatantly
With confidence and maturity
Leaving even the devil in shame
In justifying their filthy game
I can’t even stand the smell
Of these people and the lies they tell
This world seems to be fully polluted
Of people debauch and corrupted
You don’t seem to stand a chance
To correct the world with a swish of a band
Ultimately the self is more important to me
All are satiated with hypocrisy

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A New Beginning

Can’t rid myself of the past that was
Can’t wash my sins away
Can’t undo the wrong that was done
Can’t hide the demons from yesterday

All I can do is start anew
And change my life from now
No, the burden of past too grave
Keeps catching me somehow

The cruel world keeps relating me
To what I had done ago
Agreed I was immature and stupid
But those habits I’ll forgo

Beg of you to judge me yourself
Don’t go by what others say
Past is gone and future uncertain
I am what I am today

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Life is a mystery
Life is a misery
Life is a tragedy

Life is hostility
Life is anarchy
Life is monotony

Life is an anomaly
Life is an agony
Life is insanity

Death is a cure and
Life is a disease
Life is a battle
Death is the peace

Life is a drama and
Death is the curtain
Life is an uncertainty
Death is the certain

Life is the emotions and
Death is the calm
Life is the convolutions
Death is the charm

Life is the means and
Death is the end
Death is the truth
Life is the pretense

Life is a bitch and
Death is the dog
Life is the devil
Death is the god


Break my chains and set me free
And I promise to follow thee
Give a command my master
And I shall unleash disaster
What has god given to me?
Except pain, despair and agony

My lord
You are the ray of darkness
You are the noose of freedom
You are the unholy sacred
You are the king without kingdom

Tired of this mundane life
Give me a sword or gun or knife
Give me a reason to exist
Your ideology I’ll persist
Let me make a river of blood
Kill some more to make it flood

You are the blessed curse
You are the violent calm
You are the death divine
You are the painless harm

Accomplished what was meant for me
Spreading pain, fear and anarchy
Now you have left me stray
No more commands for me to obey
Now I shall feed your river
I was me but now I am never

You are the faithful backstabber
You are the loyal deceiver
You are the evil good
You are the religious killer