Friday, January 9, 2009


Not living for myself anymore
Pain and hurt I endlessly endure
All I want is to be set free
From this suffering and misery
Not bound by the chains of society
But from unfinished commitments towards family

I want to climb the mountains so high
Want to roam in deserts far and wide
Want to live in the forests so dense
Want to go where the world ends
Want to swim in the oceans so vast
Want to do all this till my time lasts

But the mountains I climb are the skyscrapers
The bunch of files is my oceans and rivers
The jungle I roam is of the urban kind
The deserts I wander are in my mind
The world starts and ends in my cubicle
Hoping against odds for a miracle

To fulfill my dreams I take a vow
Not knowing when and where and how
To live for myself one day
To walk along the less traveled way
Not giving a shit to what others say
And wishing in peace my soul will lay

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  1. Start writing again... You write beautifully...